The Professor’s Technology Toolkit


Whether you are starting a personal or professional blog, writing articles for publication, or looking for resources to help you be more productive, wading through websites and googling can be overwhelming. Searching through tools, reading ads, trying to find information on blog posts about how to create the materials you want – it’s exhausting. I know this, because I struggled to figure “all this technology” out. I read, and researched, and tried a lot of things. I wasted a ton of time and energy, because at times, I used the wrong resources.

I went to many colleagues in the business, technology, communications, marketing, biology, and education departments to try to find assistance, and I felt like I was imposing on them. They were busy professionals too. They had bigger things to do than help me out – and I understood that. I didn’t want to take a course, I didn’t want to read long textbooks, and I didn’t want to pay someone to do my website for me. I wished for someone to come along as put all this information in one, easy-to-find place!

I created “The Professor’s Technology Toolkit” to help people just like me, who have a creative vision, but can’t afford to waste a ton of time trying every service. I didn’t have an unlimited budget – in fact, I had almost no budget. I know what it’s like to need clear, concise instructions, without a bunch of jargon or fluff. I put all this information, in one, easy-to-read, 20-page eBook. Check the box to the right, to get the ebook for free.

I created this toolkit to help other educators who are like me, struggling to juggle a busy career with the desire to create amazing learning experiences for my students. If your students are like mine, they always have a phone, tablet, or laptop nearby. I want them to be able to learn, wherever they go. Since I created my personal website, The Seven Minute Scientist, and my digital laboratory tools, Big Picture Biology, I’ve been able to meet my students at the right place and time, personalized, to help them excel.



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