10-Part “Advanced Google Sheets to Blow Your Mind!” Part 1 – Fundations Progress Monitoring Sheet

On February 16th, 2017, I gave a presentation to a packed house entitled “10 Google Sheets to Blow Your Mind (plus some tips and tricks).” Here is the description of my talk (you can skip it if you were there 🙂 : Google Sheets is a free online data management tool that is part of […]

The Google Big List #GAFE #edtech

Eric Curts, of the Summit Portage Area Computer Consortium (SPARCC)  recently shared his “big list” of Google Resources. Eric is a Google Certified Trainer and Innovator, which is amazing (I’m a Google Certified Educator) and so he definitely “lives Google.” Here is his set of resources, with a forward: Over time I have created quite […]

Tips, Tools, & Best Practices for #EdTech Trainers & Coaches

The Technology Integration Leaders of Ohio (TILO) put on our first Google on Air Hangout last night. We are a group of technology leaders in education who are looking to help school districts improve in their technology use. Part of our mission is to professionally develop the tech integration specialists and coaches in Ohio. It […]

Understanding The Difference Between #eLearning and #mLearning #Infographic

Although eLearning (electronic learning, or online learning) and mLearning (mobile learning) seem similar, they have distinct differences. When I think of eLearning, I imagine an ongoing course I take online, that lasts multiple weeks or a semester. I think of mLearning as sitting in my car and looking at a YouTube video on my phone […]

Lifetime Learning – is it About Degrees or Skills?

I consider myself a lifetime learner. Not a day goes by, where I am not reading articles, self-help books, reviewing textbooks, or watching videos to help me gain new skills or knowledge. In The Simple Dollar, Trent offers advice to help people who are interested in adding skills to their resumes, get a certification, get […]

Is the University Lecture Dead?

From Amy’s Scoop.it! Ten reasons we should ditch university lectures Lecture Isn’t Dead While I’m not sure the lecture is dead-upon-arrival, lecturing can certainly improve through the use of technology.  My lectures have never been a “movie shown once” type of event. Lecturing, for me, has always been multimedia, uploaded to the web via Scribd, and […]

Using Frogs As a Learning Tool to Dazzle Your Students

Using Youtube videos is one way to engage your students in science. Most students love to have something that they can share with their friends, or their families, and be able to talk about these behaviors scientifically. Since I will admit to being a frog-lover, these videos were right up my ally. This first video is […]

The Evolution of Education: Streaming Video and Its Uses for Evaluation

From The State of Educational Video 2014: The proliferation of mobile devices and the surge in popularity of the flipped classroom mean that video is at the head of the class in today’s schools. Today’s generation of students, from kindergarten to university, were raised with video online. For them it’s a natural tool for learning, […]