Citation Makers – Should the Students Cite by Hand, or is Technology Better?

In a recent discussion in a Facebook Group, a teacher asked “The teachers in my new English department are completely against online citation makers. They feel that they (the websites) occasionally make errors and kids should learn all the commas, semi-colons, etc. of typing their own citations. I respectfully disagree and believe the most important […]

How Can I Write About Technology in Education, When I’m Not the Expert?

A lot of people have been asking me why I haven’t been posting much lately. I’ve given the standard “I’m busy right now” answer, but I hadn’t realized that wasn’t why I wasn’t posting. I haven’t been posting, because in the position I’m in right now, I’m not the expert. Let me explain. A lot […]

We Shape Our (Technology) Tools, and Then Our (Technology) Tools Shape Us

Innovation is Not About Stuff, It’s About Our Way of Thinking We often hear about this new innovation that we HAVE to purchase. If we purchase this program, this tool, this technology, it will TRANSFORM the way we do things. And then we wonder how we ended up with all this useless, outdated stuff, laying […]

I Let the Negativity Get to Me. Here’s How I’m Going to Change That. #edchat #motivation

I’m not gonna lie. I let the negativity get to me. I just started a new job as a Technology Integration Specialist 6 months ago, and in those 6 months, I didn’t write for me, very often. I wrote a ton of stuff for other people – the district website and newsletters, emails to colleagues, […]

Are We Confusing Parents, and Making Them Feel Like Outsiders? | Effective Communication Techniques For School Leaders

As school leaders, we want to be as efficient and effective as possible in our communication with other leaders. We also try to communicate well with students, and with their parents. We have limited exposure to our students’ families, and so every communication has to count. We want to convey the best information, using the […]

Authentic Education has lost a hero

The education world lost a great thinker recently. Dr. Grant Wiggins was a thought-leader in educational assessment. His “About me” from his site, Authentic Education: Grant Wiggins is the President of Authentic Education in Hopewell, New Jersey. He earned his Ed.D. from Harvard University and his B. A. from St. John’s College in Annapolis. Grant […]

Want to See Huge Advances in Learning? Then Use These Tips! #social #informal #learning

I’ve had over 20 years of formal college classes. Don’t laugh, it’s really my only hobby. I’ve gotten so good at school, that I just tend to go there, and feel lost when I’m not in class. Even though I love school, I just stopped and thought about how much of my knowledge has come […]

The Exciting Way That #Weebly Upped Their Game for Teachers! | #edtech

One of the most common issues I run into with teacher websites is that the teachers don’t want to put their stuff “out in the open.” They don’t want anyone (weirdos on the internet – and there are plenty) to be able to see their material for their students, comment about students, or view student […]

EdTech Community Discussion of iBooks Author from #ADEchat

I’ve been absolutely fixated on Twitter these last couple of weeks (I wrote “26 Effective Ways to use Twitter for Teachers and Educators,” “How to Participate in an Educational Twitter Chat?” and “Is Social Learning the New #PBL (Problem-Based Learning)?” among many others). I feel like I  found a gold mine of amazing resources, people, […]