Did I Just Write All That For Nothing??? Recovering Lost Blog Posts

I spent all morning, writing an article for my website. I used several different websites as sources, hyper-linking them, and making the article flow. I had begun the article last night, however, and when I went to publish it – I got the WordPress kiss of death. “Failure to Import. Do you want to try […]

Password Protecting a Page of WordPress

What I’m trying to do this lovely, cloudy, dreary Ohio day is password protect a page of my WordPress (or maybe a section, not sure exactly yet), in order to put together a proposal for a textbook publisher. I need a private section where I put the proposal so that it’s separate from the rest […]

Migrating From Weebly to WordPress – My Education Articles

There are two sites that I have (actually, I’ve probably started 100 different sites over the years, but only 15 or so have a lot of data in them), that I need to migrate into WordPress, from Weebly. One has all my Education articles, and the other has all my Biology articles. I’m going to […]