Are Online Classes the Kiss of Death for Struggling Students? | #techcorrect #OnlineEd

When you hear about online courses, as a faculty member, one might think “Online courses are not as good as in-person courses.” I can certainly understand why faculty feel this way – online courses have the reputation as being taught by less-than-qualified adjuncts, being boring, having students enroll that have less skills than a “normal” student, […]

Does Online Education Deepen the Divide Between Quality Education and Ease of Use?

In an article from The Chronicle of Higher Education, 3 Things Academic Leaders Believe About Online Education, the author suggests that leaders in education believe that online education is critical – to all types of colleges, that hybrid courses (part online, part in class) are just as good as face-to-face classes, and that most professors (72%) […]

25 Excuses Students Make When They Want to Quit School

1. School is too hard. 2. School is not worth it. 3. This school is not that good. 4. School is a waste of time. 5. School (or studying, or your major) is not really my passion. 6. The professors are incompetent. 7. The professors are inconsistent. I never know what to expect. 8. The […]

Kick Seining as a Technique For Studying Aquatic Animals

Kick Seining is the technique we use to study the animals that live at the bottom of the stream. These might be invertebrates, small fish, amphibians, etc. Here is a video of kick seining: And here is my son, checking out the animals:   Walking to the stream, with a net!   Standing in front […]

Emotionally Ready For Dual Enrollment? 10 Questions To Ask

Dual enrollment programs (DE) enable high school students to take a college course instead of a high school course, usually earning them “free” college credit. Earning college credit for free (these programs are paid for by the student’s high school, a program at the local university, or through a grant) seems like a no-brainer. Who […]