#TigerTechTips 1 | Using #Canva for Postermaking

Welcome to the first edition of #TigerTechTips! I’ll be using this section of the blog to suggest pieces of technology I use for achieving success as a teacher, or with my students. I had to start with a website I use daily – www.Canva.com. Here, you can see all my creations : Amy B Hollingsworth […]

How My Life is Like Google – As Life Changes, Creativity Helps Me Survive

There was quite the inspiring SlideShare presented this morning by Executive Chairman at Google, Eric Schmidt. He discussed his ten years at Google, and “his advice for reaching “business nirvana”: It’s best to work in small teams; listen to the lab coats, not the suits; and have fluid plans with stable foundations.” Here’s all he has to share: How […]

What makes for an excellent research presentation or paper?

As the coordinator of non-major Biology students at The University of Akron, each semester I ask my students to submit an original piece of research, either in the form of a presentation with their group, or an individual paper. I will admit, this is often frustrating to read, and I know my students are frustrated […]