Tips, Tools, & Best Practices for #EdTech Trainers & Coaches

The Technology Integration Leaders of Ohio (TILO) put on our first Google on Air Hangout last night. We are a group of technology leaders in education who are looking to help school districts improve in their technology use. Part of our mission is to professionally develop the tech integration specialists and coaches in Ohio. It […]

Understanding The Difference Between #eLearning and #mLearning #Infographic

Although eLearning (electronic learning, or online learning) and mLearning (mobile learning) seem similar, they have distinct differences. When I think of eLearning, I imagine an ongoing course I take online, that lasts multiple weeks or a semester. I think of mLearning as sitting in my car and looking at a YouTube video on my phone […]

Are Online Classes the Kiss of Death for Struggling Students? | #techcorrect #OnlineEd

When you hear about online courses, as a faculty member, one might think “Online courses are not as good as in-person courses.” I can certainly understand why faculty feel this way – online courses have the reputation as being taught by less-than-qualified adjuncts, being boring, having students enroll that have less skills than a “normal” student, […]

Does Online Education Deepen the Divide Between Quality Education and Ease of Use?

In an article from The Chronicle of Higher Education, 3 Things Academic Leaders Believe About Online Education, the author suggests that leaders in education believe that online education is critical – to all types of colleges, that hybrid courses (part online, part in class) are just as good as face-to-face classes, and that most professors (72%) […]

Take college and university courses online completely free | I Love Science

In recent years massive open online courses (MOOCs) have become a trend in online education. The term was coined in 2008 by David Cormier, manager of web communications and innovations at the University of Prince Edward Island. The first MOOC was created the previous year, at Utah State University. via Take college and university courses […]