What This Teacher Said to Me, Has Lasted a Lifetime… and It Hurt

When I was in the 7th grade, one of my teachers used to call me “Hollingsworthless.” I tried to laugh it off, and play it cool for the rest of the peers around me, but it hurt. It stuck with me, forever. I think a lot of what I’ve done with my life, was me […]

Did I Just Write All That For Nothing??? Recovering Lost Blog Posts

I spent all morning, writing an article for my website. I used several different websites as sources, hyper-linking them, and making the article flow. I had begun the article last night, however, and when I went to publish it – I got the WordPress kiss of death. “Failure to Import. Do you want to try […]

Are Online Classes the Kiss of Death for Struggling Students? | #techcorrect #OnlineEd

When you hear about online courses, as a faculty member, one might think “Online courses are not as good as in-person courses.” I can certainly understand why faculty feel this way – online courses have the reputation as being taught by less-than-qualified adjuncts, being boring, having students enroll that have less skills than a “normal” student, […]

Teaching Your Students About “Netiquette” | #techcorrect #edtech #highered

Every student in schools now needs to learn proper “netiquette,” or the rules of engagement on the net. I’ve been involved in a number of online discussion boards, comments sections, and student online interactions where I’ve seen the discussion turn ugly FAST. It’s usually because of one of the following rules. We, as educators, know […]

How to Stay on Your Game, When School Gets You Down

One of my favorite Youtube channels is from Marie Forleo. She’s smart, funny, and gives great advice. I thought I’d share this video, because this is the time in the semester when students are approaching midterms, and tend to FREAK OUT. Marie shares some great advice about staying positive: The first thing you can do […]

Teaching STEM Students to Embrace Mistakes

When writing my dissertation, a 260-page research document, I used what is called “track changes,” in Microsoft Word. You might call this “the kiss of student death,” because after each change, each mistake, a little squiggly red line, blue line, comment box, or strikethrough would appear. I dreaded opening each chapter after my advisor had […]

Migrating From Weebly to WordPress – My Education Articles

There are two sites that I have (actually, I’ve probably started 100 different sites over the years, but only 15 or so have a lot of data in them), that I need to migrate into WordPress, from Weebly. One has all my Education articles, and the other has all my Biology articles. I’m going to […]