Want to See Huge Advances in Learning? Then Use These Tips! #social #informal #learning

I’ve had over 20 years of formal college classes. Don’t laugh, it’s really my only hobby. I’ve gotten so good at school, that I just tend to go there, and feel lost when I’m not in class. Even though I love school, I just stopped and thought about how much of my knowledge has come […]

How to Avoid the Paper Trap (at Home, or at School)

When I come across a resource so amazing that I get so excited and immediately start actually doing what it says, I have to share! Angela Watson over at The Cornerstone for Teachers has an amazing resource for free, when you join her email list. The resource, Avoiding the Paper Trap, helps to solve a […]

Why Hoarding Lesson Plans Hurts Almost Every Student

As I’ve been working on my website, I’ve gone through many of my old Biology teaching resources that weren’t published anywhere, or that I had long forgotten. Taking a stroll down memory lane is both horrifying, and hilarious. Just like going through photo albums from your youth reminds you of bad hairstyles, going through old […]

Teachers As Hoarders of Stuff (Supplies, Worksheets, Books, and Yicky Crap)

I found some really great sites while I was researching “Teacher Hoarders.” I think we all know that teachers hoard stuff. What I was looking for was why teachers would hoard ideas, lessons, or knowledge. In researching teachers as hoarders of knowledge, I found some great articles on hoarding stuff. And I discuss how I […]