Citation Makers – Should the Students Cite by Hand, or is Technology Better?

In a recent discussion in a Facebook Group, a teacher asked “The teachers in my new English department are completely against online citation makers. They feel that they (the websites) occasionally make errors and kids should learn all the commas, semi-colons, etc. of typing their own citations. I respectfully disagree and believe the most important […]

An Easy, New (FREE) Way for Teachers to Communicate With Parents | #Bloomz

In past articles, I’ve discussed the frustrating school year I just endured with my son, with a teacher who didn’t use technology. I don’t know if she didn’t want to use tech, or she just didn’t know how. But with the options available, even to “non-techie” teachers, there should not have to be slips of […]

Connected Students are as Important as Connected Educators | #edchat #highered

I regularly witness college students clicking away at their tiny keyboards instead of talking to each other. Some educators may have silently shamed them, thinking, “If only they would get off their phones, and talk to each other!” I know I’ve thought it at times. I’ve seen my students waiting for class, and not one of them […]

But where did we COME from? The burning question about chickens, eggs, humans, and apes.

There were two great videos making the rounds on Facebook this weekend. The first, about the origin of humans, and how we know where (geographically) we came from. This brilliant talk  describes how “all humans share some common bits of DNA, passed down to us from our African ancestors. Geneticist Spencer Wells talks about how […]

What I think about Facebook on a Tuesday morning

Good morning, y’all. I woke up today with a raging case of pink eye, so I’m trapped in my house this morning. Of course, before I login to do work, I had to check Facebook. It’s the usual rantings of politics, some funny posts, and I was added to an interesting forum. Don’t know that […]