Kick Seining as a Technique For Studying Aquatic Animals

Kick Seining is the technique we use to study the animals that live at the bottom of the stream. These might be invertebrates, small fish, amphibians, etc. Here is a video of kick seining: And here is my son, checking out the animals:   Walking to the stream, with a net!   Standing in front […]

Biology Lecture – Ecology and Evolution

Chapters 14 and 15 – Climate versus weather, Energy flow, Food chains versus food webs, species interaction, co-evolution, natural selection, evolution, predation, physical defenses, behavioral defenses, parasitism, Day 22 April 17th Chapters 14 and 15 by Amy Hollingsworth Continue Reading

Biology Lab – Water Quality and Observation of Macroinvertebrates

This is my original biology lecture about the crayfish. It’s pretty advanced for non-majors biology students, so I am going to combine it with my other lecture, and make it suitable for this group of students  Quantifying the hemolymph glucose concentration response in crayfish Lab 10 – Water Quality and Macroinvertebrate Diversity Aquatic Macroinvertebrates Insects, […]