What This Teacher Said to Me, Has Lasted a Lifetime… and It Hurt

When I was in the 7th grade, one of my teachers used to call me “Hollingsworthless.” I tried to laugh it off, and play it cool for the rest of the peers around me, but it hurt. It stuck with me, forever. I think a lot of what I’ve done with my life, was me […]

I Let the Negativity Get to Me. Here’s How I’m Going to Change That. #edchat #motivation

I’m not gonna lie. I let the negativity get to me. I just started a new job as a Technology Integration Specialist 6 months ago, and in those 6 months, I didn’t write for me, very often. I wrote a ton of stuff for other people – the district website and newsletters, emails to colleagues, […]

“Maker-Teachers” vs. “Taker-Teachers” and Why the Common Core is Necessary

When I began teaching, in a little school district on the Mexican border, I was in for a huge surprise. I moved into the school district in September of 2000, and replaced a long term sub who had been teaching a Chemistry class for juniors in high school. The sub was certified in English, but […]

25 Excuses Students Make When They Want to Quit School

1. School is too hard. 2. School is not worth it. 3. This school is not that good. 4. School is a waste of time. 5. School (or studying, or your major) is not really my passion. 6. The professors are incompetent. 7. The professors are inconsistent. I never know what to expect. 8. The […]

Technology has solved the problem of “women in science”

Technology has made a difference in all things. Think about student success. Technology helps us get organized, do better research, and collaborate. Technology has made the dissertation process better. Whereas once, students felt lonely while writing, that is not true today. Where you might not have a good advisor, now you can collaborate with others. […]

How Can Learning Happen When You Aren’t In School?

Did you see the video going around Facebook, of the dad and his kids doing an experiment with a balloon and a minivan? This dad is my new hero! He explains a scientific concept in a fun way, and the kids and their dad are smiling through the whole thing (plus the “yes sir” response made […]

The Criticism of “Science: It’s a Girl Thing!”

First, the video: Then, the criticism: This Disgraceful video was published by the European Commission for a campaign designed to attract more women to a career in science. The commission said that the video had to “speak their language to get their attention” and that it was intended to be “fun, catchy” and strike a […]