A Passport to Global Citizenship #Infographic

As many of you know, I have been fortunate enough to travel the world. I have two amazing parents who valued travel and adventure. We have been on scuba diving excursions in The Caribbean and South Africa, hiked The Galapagos Islands, and toured Australia. I’ve been to Spanish language school in Puebla, Mexico, and took […]

Is Learning Science as Good For the Brain as Learning a Foreign Language? #Infographic

As both a biologist, and someone who learned a foreign language (Spanish, in my 20’s, by going to language immersion school in Mexico and Costa Rica), I’d have to say that both have helped keep my brain sharp. I’ve felt that sharp tinge of “Oh! My brain hurts!” after both a long Biology seminar, and […]

Circle of Life

Our journey nears an end in Costa Rica. It’s only fitting to share a couple more photos of the incredible sites we’ve witnessed. Unfortunately for this little puffer fish on a beach in Playa Conchal, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, the tide didn’t carry him back. Puffer fish contain a deadly toxin called tetrodotoxin, for which there is no […]

Behind Glass Cages

We went to the frog and herpetology museum yesterday. Such cool frogs, turtles, lizards, and snakes! I said, multiple times “I already saw this in the wild.” Always cooler to see animals in the wild than behind glass…even though this was pretty amazing: My fave photo is of the basilisk lizard and his reflection! Continue […]

Longest Zip Line in Latin America

I just did something double-terrifying. Mateo and I just did “the longest zip line in Latin America.” Seven zip lines, one over a mile long!!! We did it Superman style!!! And if that wasn’t scary enough, I allowed my seven-year-old to do it…and he was the only child! Granted, Mateo did go with the guide, […]

Poisonous Creatures

During one of our excursions, suddenly, out of nowhere, Matthew says, “Look mommy, an eyelash pit viper.” Wouldn’t you know, my child found a deadly viper. The “eyelashes” on this snake are actually sharp scales above their eyes.   But we also saw sloths, koatamundis, and the PINNACLE of my trip – poison dart frogs!!!!!! Some Amerindian […]

Interesting Creatures in Costa Rica

Creatures in Costa Rica range from the beautiful…to the interesting. The little Costa Rica deer came up to the fence. Don’t worry Texas friends, there weren’t ANY points on these guys!   This capuchin monkey wasn’t rough or silky. He was just soft, and surprisingly strong! His little hands were grabby!!!   Here is the biggest […]

Mateo’s Experiment…Creation…Art

My son is the only student that every single person at the school knows by name. Here in Costa Rica, he’s been going by his Spanish name – Mateo. There is pretty much not an hour that goes by that someone isn’t yelling “Mateo! Don’t touch that crab! Mateo, don’t run in the barbed wire! Mateo, get your […]