Is Learning Science as Good For the Brain as Learning a Foreign Language? #Infographic

As both a biologist, and someone who learned a foreign language (Spanish, in my 20’s, by going to language immersion school in Mexico and Costa Rica), I’d have to say that both have helped keep my brain sharp. I’ve felt that sharp tinge of “Oh! My brain hurts!” after both a long Biology seminar, and […]

Five Ways to Get a Busy Professor to Answer Your Emails, That Don’t Involve a Bribe

Professors, like any other professional, are busy people with a ton of responsibilities. Students often write long, confusing emails asking for things, and want an immediate response.Or they send one sentence emails that read more like a Tweet. I read a helpful article on how to get professionals to answer your email quickly, and know […]

Technology has solved the problem of “women in science”

Technology has made a difference in all things. Think about student success. Technology helps us get organized, do better research, and collaborate. Technology has made the dissertation process better. Whereas once, students felt lonely while writing, that is not true today. Where you might not have a good advisor, now you can collaborate with others. […]

Kick Seining as a Technique For Studying Aquatic Animals

Kick Seining is the technique we use to study the animals that live at the bottom of the stream. These might be invertebrates, small fish, amphibians, etc. Here is a video of kick seining: And here is my son, checking out the animals:   Walking to the stream, with a net!   Standing in front […]

Biology Lab – Water Quality and Observation of Macroinvertebrates

This is my original biology lecture about the crayfish. It’s pretty advanced for non-majors biology students, so I am going to combine it with my other lecture, and make it suitable for this group of students  Quantifying the hemolymph glucose concentration response in crayfish Lab 10 – Water Quality and Macroinvertebrate Diversity Aquatic Macroinvertebrates Insects, […]

Why Hoarding Lesson Plans Hurts Almost Every Student

As I’ve been working on my website, I’ve gone through many of my old Biology teaching resources that weren’t published anywhere, or that I had long forgotten. Taking a stroll down memory lane is both horrifying, and hilarious. Just like going through photo albums from your youth reminds you of bad hairstyles, going through old […]

Making a Banner for My Biology and Education Pages

  I like custom banners that make the site look personalized. I tried a flash banner maker from Fotor, and it had so much potential, but alas, here’s what I got. (old pic) It was too small, so as I tried to enlarge the picture, here is what I got: (second old pic) Blurriness. Either I […]

Creating Your “Ideal Student Avatar”

One of my teaching assistants just walked by my office, and noted that I looked like I had a lot on my mind. Admittedly, my mind works pretty quickly, and I’m as easily distracted as anyone else. I walked into work today, ready to do some editing of my laboratory manual for next year, and […]