Scooping and Pinning and Pearltrees, Oh My! What’s Your Favorite Collection Tool?

Today I was reading an article from Teach Thought, “How To Give Students Specific Feedback That Actually Helps Them Learn.” When I got to the bottom of the article, I saw that it had been added to several Pearltrees collections. I followed the links, and found some great resources that other educators had organized. Instant […]

Tips, Tools, & Best Practices for #EdTech Trainers & Coaches

The Technology Integration Leaders of Ohio (TILO) put on our first Google on Air Hangout last night. We are a group of technology leaders in education who are looking to help school districts improve in their technology use. Part of our mission is to professionally develop the tech integration specialists and coaches in Ohio. It […]

Feeling Teacher Overwhelm? How to Get Unstuck

I have a secret. I am overwhelmed! I didn’t write my Tiger Tech Tips last week because I was drowning in trainings, meetings, and forms. And that makes me sad. One of the things I enjoy the most is writing these fun tips. I know you all know the feeling. There are so many things […]

Hacking Your Inbox – Changing Email Names, Adding Notes, and Prioritizing Using #Sortd

If you are anything like me, you use your email inbox as a to-do list. I’ve been using Gmail since 2005, and I’ve hacked it in various ways to include a very complicated labeling system, a series of stars, and marking emails as unread to come back to them. I also use a series of […]

An Easy, New (FREE) Way for Teachers to Communicate With Parents | #Bloomz

In past articles, I’ve discussed the frustrating school year I just endured with my son, with a teacher who didn’t use technology. I don’t know if she didn’t want to use tech, or she just didn’t know how. But with the options available, even to “non-techie” teachers, there should not have to be slips of […]

Productivity Apps: SoundEver

Whenever I find a new productivity app, I love to share with my friends. SoundEver is a recording app that links to Evernote. Evernote is one of my most-used apps, that I use on all my devices. I’d have never gotten through my dissertation without using Evernote as a research tool. Continue Reading