Professional Development

October 12th, 2015

Amy’s Presentation:






Teacher Tiger List

Hattie Ranking: Influences And Effect Sizes Related To Student Achievement

T – Teaching and Learning Effects

I – Curricula Effects

G – Teacher Effects

E – Home Effects

R –  School Effects

S – Student Effects

Group discussion question: What could we actually take back to our classrooms tomorrow and use to help our learners achieve? If there are barriers, what could we do to overcome them?

Google Post-test

Resources for this presentation:

  1. Google Slides
  2. Today’s Meet – Back channel discussion:The backchannel is the conversation that goes on alongside the primary activity, presentation, or discussion. TodaysMeet helps harness the backchannel and turn it into a platform that can enable new activities and discussions,extend conversations beyond the classroom, and give all students a voice. Embracing the backchannel can turn it from distraction to engagement. Participants can learn from each other and share their insights, improving participation and deepening learning. TodaysMeet enables instant formative assessment, feedback, and much more.
  3. – link shortener – make it easy for your students to find the page you want!
  4. Tools for Teaching by Fred Jones
  5. Copy of 81 Interesting Ways to Use Google Forms in the Classroom
  6. Google Forms
  7. Google Sheets
  8. Amy’s Deconstruction of August 19th PD