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This is a collection of amazing resources I’ve collected from around the web, that help me do cool things in the classroom. This is like a glance at my digital bookshelf, or my brain’s file cabinet. Use it for nerdy inspiration, and for good.


  • Are you having a hard time to focus during the lectures and comprehend the learning material you’ll be tested on? Maybe you simply need some guidance on how to achieve your full potential. Most teachers advise you to follow the lectures and read the materials. However, memorizing the text is a learning strategy that’s not only outdated, but ineffective too. Allow us to suggest some great online tools that will make you a better learner!
    1. Study Guides and Strategies

    This is one of the most resourceful websites when it comes to learning and studying guides. First of all, it will help you make a distinction between learning and studying, which are often being confused. The guides are categorized in different levels, which will help you focus on your weaknesses and improve your strengths.

    At this website, you’ll find effective tips on how to comprehend math and science, reading and research, thinking and evaluation, writing and vocabulary, project and time management, and more.

    1. StudyBlue

    At this website, you will find an immense library of online studying materials, which is being constantly upgraded. You can find review sheets, flashcards, study guides, quizzes, and much more. The featured subject areas include sociology, English, nursing, economics, government and law, biology, etc.

    You can access your learning resources from your desktop computer, as well as your tablet and smartphone. Thus, you can study anytime, anywhere.

    1. 4Tests

    You don’t have to wait for your teacher’s test to see how well you understood the lessons. This is a proven strategy that will turn you into a more effective learner: you can practice by taking your own tests. Don’t worry; no one will make you spend time in creating the test questions; all you need to do is look for the proper source at this website.

    In addition to tests, you’ll also find study guides and blog articles that will help you improve the studying process.

    1. Novel Guide

    Your teachers ask you to evaluate novels from different aspects, which are often difficult to approach. Don’t worry; you’ll get the guidance you need at this website. You can ask your own questions and enter the discussion. In addition, you will find novel guides for some of the most important books that are being elaborated on in schools.

    The forum topics include learning strategies, making a decision of career, exam preparation tips, and much more.

    1. Essay Mama

    Smart delegating is part of the successful learning process. When you need help with certain academic projects, Essay Mama is the right website for you. The PhD tutors provide assistance on all types of projects; so you can benefit from their knowledge and expertise regardless of the obstacles you are facing.

    The free Essay Writing Guide at the website will lead you through the stages of academic writing. In addition, you will find a Glossary of Essay Writing Terms that will help you understand what your teachers expect from the assignments.

    1. Quizlet

    Study games, tests, and flashcards are proven tools for successful learning. At this website, you will find such resources for students of all ages. You won’t need to pay for an account at Quizlet; you can start creating your own study sets and track your progress free of charge.

    In addition, you can invite your friends to join the fun, and create a healthy competition that will motivate you all to become better learners.

    1. ACCA Student Blog

    Let’s face it: even the best students face blockages from time to time. When you’re in such a place, you need inspiration and guidance to move on. This student blog teaches you to stay on track no matter how difficult the studying process becomes. The posts are based on motivation; they will help you reignite your passion and achieve the best results from your efforts.

    Start exploring the category Top Posts & Pages and you’ll immediately be inspired to proceed with the learning process.

    1. Exam Time

    This is a free online learning platform that provides all needed tools you need for successful studying. You will boost your potential thanks to the Quizzes, Notes, Flashcards and Mind Maps. The studying process can easily become boring if you don’t have the right tools on your side.

    Thanks to Exam Time, you can create compelling learning resources that will help you remember important information easily.

    1. How to Study

    This website is specifically aimed at helping students to develop their study skills. First of all, you can read resourceful, practical articles. Then, you can progress to the study tips and self-assessment resources. How to Study is an especially useful project for students who are preparing to take the SAT. In addition, it can help you understand the expository writing process through five simple steps.

    Keep in mind that this website is maintained by two former university professors, who have specialized in study skills for 15 years. They have plenty of tips and resources to share.

    1. Study Guide Zone

    This website is an immense source of learning guidelines for students, beginning professionals, and everyone else interested in improving their studying potential. Although the guides are focused on achieving successful results on standardized tests, you can rely on them whenever you are looking for proper learning strategies.

    The benefits of the Study Guide Zone don’t stop after the exams. The website also offers great advice on choosing a college and receiving financial aid. Thus, it will be a faithful companion throughout your educational adventure.

Podcast for school librarians, where they discuss integrating teaching and technology, collaboration and collection development in schools. They “Give educators a voice – a BIG voice!” Their Idea Box Show has amazing resources.

Color Picker Tool 

Allows me to upload an image, and it shows the pixelated  color for each part of the photo. It helps when you need to know EXACTLY what color something is, so you can perfectly match it.

Dan’s Tools

From the website: Thanks for visiting Dan’s Tools. Below is a collection of various tools that I have found helpful for many years. They are all available here for free for the developers and users out there who might find them useful. (I used Dan’s Favicon creator tool!)


 E-learning Feeds

A collection of the top e-learning blogs from around the web (Including mine!). Includes info about concepts, companies, infographics, trends, and events.

Dave Shrein: Permission to Lead

Writes about leadership, uses Periscope (the Twitter live-streaming app), and just generally an awesome virtual friend. Met Dave in Michael Hyatt’s Platform University.

Affordable Quality Writing

Blog that has a ton of resources about online education, career development, and positive mindsets

Ditch That Textbook

Digital tools to free and revolutionize your classroom

21 Tips for Mobile Ninjas

From Jeremy Caplan’s 2013 ONA presentation. Great resources.

12 Must-Have Apps for Journalists

Great list of apps for recording calls, editing video, etc.

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