Tips, Tools, & Best Practices for #EdTech Trainers & Coaches

The Technology Integration Leaders of Ohio (TILO) put on our first Google on Air Hangout last night. We are a group of technology leaders in education who are looking to help school districts improve in their technology use. Part of our mission is to professionally develop the tech integration specialists and coaches in Ohio. It […]

Understanding The Difference Between #eLearning and #mLearning #Infographic

Although eLearning (electronic learning, or online learning) and mLearning (mobile learning) seem similar, they have distinct differences. When I think of eLearning, I imagine an ongoing course I take online, that lasts multiple weeks or a semester. I think of mLearning as sitting in my car and looking at a YouTube video on my phone […]

The Incredible Impact of Technology on Education | #GAFE #edtech

This is an incredible series of videos on technology for teachers. Each episode focuses on a theme that is important to educations such as Literacy, Formative Assessment, Math and Science Tools, and Student Creation Tools. Tools also have to be teacher-vetted, easy for teachers to use, easy for students to use, and helpful for classroom […]

#AmyGooglesEverything Episode 1: Some Ideas to Use Google in Your Classroom NOW! #edtech #edchat

This is the (hour long) video I made after Dr. McNulty’s talk with Massillon today. There was a lot of valuable feedback on the survey, so I wanted to get some info out to the teachers about the topics they wanted addressed. Some of this is basic Google, and some is more advanced Google Classroom […]

For Our Children, A Magazine is an #iPad that Doesn’t Work | #DEPD2015

I’m following a conference on Twitter, and Kristin Hokanson shared this amazing video: As technology shifts the way we look at the world, we have to remember our children s’ vantage point. A one-year old may never have known life when you “browsed through a magazine.” Browsing is a completely different experience in 2015. Think […]

Monday Morning Motivation

In my lifetime, I’ve completed an amazing amount of things. I completed a degree in Biology. I learned Spanish by living in Mexico. I finished a Master’s Degree. I completed a Doctoral dgree. I’ve started a business. How have I done so many amazing things? I started. Even when I didn’t feel ready, I jumped. Even when I […]

If you have no clue how you’ll use #periscope yet, you aren’t alone. Here are some cool ideas!

So, I’ve been trying periscope, the live streaming app that Twitter has integrated into their platform. I see SO MUCH POTENTIAL, and I’m excited to throw myself out there, and get started. And I see so many people with questions! As I’ve trolled around, and played with the app on my iPhone 6+, I’ve seen […]

Amazing Set of Resources for Professors Who Flip Their Classes |via @bioamyb

I’ve been putting together a resource guide for professors who are interested (or who have even heard of) flipping their classes. I first became interested in video creation and flipped classrooms because I was trying to meet the needs of a segment of my student population who often miss classes – my athletes, and my […]

Embracing a Growth Mindset

I have always believed that I can do anything, if I put my mind and energy into that thing. When I was 17, I wanted to be done with high school. Don’t all kids face the feelings of wanting to quit? (Has anyone ever graduated from high school? Of course!) I just hadn’t done it – […]

Branding YouTube Videos for Educators

I often struggle with the idea of “self-promotion” on my website, on social media, and on YouTube. I know that I have my own pizzazz, but I don’t want to seem disingenuous. So, I oscillate between keeping my teaching materials simple, and adding my flair. Today, I’d like to show you several of my tips […]