Real Math v. Fake Math? Is Common Core Making Our Children Stupid?

I saw another one of those “Common Core Math is stupid” posts on Facebook again today. The post introduced the idea of “Fake Math.” And here is my answer to that post (I’ll update if I get cussed out by any of my friend’s friends): So, I’m going to explain this in the “What has […]

Closing the Gap in STEM Education #Infographic

What do students want from math and science courses? What do they expect from the technology used in the classroom? This Closing the Gap in STEM Education Infographic shows the challenges students face as well as the resources (and support) they believe would help them succeed in their courses. Continue Reading

A Passport to Global Citizenship #Infographic

As many of you know, I have been fortunate enough to travel the world. I have two amazing parents who valued travel and adventure. We have been on scuba diving excursions in The Caribbean and South Africa, hiked The Galapagos Islands, and toured Australia. I’ve been to Spanish language school in Puebla, Mexico, and took […]

16 Books for Science Lovers of All Ages #Infographic #STEM

I love science. I’ve always loved it, from animals to the environment, to geology and the history of life on Earth, to yicky stuff. Here is an awesome list of books for kids of all ages, who might be looking to explore. (links below the infographic)   Books for Elementary School Students Bones: Skeletons and How […]

5 Qualities of a Great Presenter #Infographic #edchat #teaching

When a student enters a classroom, or a teacher enters a conference presentation, they can almost immediately tell whether they are going to get “death by PowerPoint.” You’ve all seen them. Rows and rows of bulleted text. Sometimes, it is animated, to ZOOM IN. But that doesn’t change how. frigging. boring. it. is. The worst […]

STEM or STEAM? Not a Question of Addition of Arts, a Question of Community

In an article Entitled “STEM vs. STEAM: Do the Arts Belong?” EdWeek Teacher asks “So how exactly can teachers fit The Arts into STEM programs and do justice for both STEM and STEAM? What would an ideal STEAM program look like?” According to Ruth Catchen, “the arts are a great learning tool and can serve as […]

Expanding the Idea of Student “Centers” to High School – and Including the “In-Class Flip”

I recently asked a teacher at the high school about flipping his class. He said, “Amy, I love the idea of flipping my class, but my students simply won’t watch the videos at home. I have a few who do watch them, and then the other ones come to class unprepared. They have to catch […]

Informal Science Learning Through Zoos, Science Centers, and Museums – How to Make the Most of Your Visit

In a previous article, I was discussing informal learning through real life experiences, mentoring, and trying to learn via YouTube. I spoke of one of my mentors, Dr. Gary Holliday, at The University of Akron. Dr. Holliday sat on my dissertation committee, and is a wonderful mentor to graduate students who focus on STEM education. I […]

Deeper Learning for Student Mastery #Infographic | #connected

Any teacher who loves The Scientific Method has to love The Deeper Learning Model. The Deeper Learning for Student Mastery Infographic covers the six competencies of The Deeper Learning Model, and shares strategies for using these competencies to make student learning more empowering, effective, and meaningful. As any STEM teacher knows, students learn by doing. And they […]