Chem Thoughts – 30 Chemistry Bell Ringers to Promote Scientific Thinking and Writing

During one of our Teacher Based Teams meetings, one of our Chemistry teachers (who is also our science department head, honors teachers, and mentor teacher) had left up a slide she was using for her students to begin class. As they entered the room, one slide was projected on the Smartboard. The students would be […]

Mateo’s Experiment…Creation…Art

My son is the only student that every single person at the school knows by name. Here in Costa Rica, he’s been going by his Spanish name – Mateo. There is pretty much not an hour that goes by that someone isn’t yelling “Mateo! Don’t touch that crab! Mateo, don’t run in the barbed wire! Mateo, get your […]

For Our Children, A Magazine is an #iPad that Doesn’t Work | #DEPD2015

I’m following a conference on Twitter, and Kristin Hokanson shared this amazing video: As technology shifts the way we look at the world, we have to remember our children s’ vantage point. A one-year old may never have known life when you “browsed through a magazine.” Browsing is a completely different experience in 2015. Think […]

Starting Off My Next Semester Right – A Personal Note To Students | via @bioamyb

I’m at that magical time in the semester, where I’m starting to plan for next Fall. It seems crazy that I have to think that far in advance, but when you write all the material that your students use, and that needs to be published before a printing deadline, several months go quickly. So to […]

Over the last week, I’ve seen some amazing group presentations. But I have also heard stories like indicated in the meme.

What advice would you give to a professor as they help students work through group presentations?