How “Playing With Technology” Led Me to the Job of My Dreams | #edtech #tech

What an awesome TED Talk! The description is: “What happens when you’re looking for a job in the middle of a recession? Stop doing what people tell you to do. Charlie Hoehn talks about making up your own rules and how he started only working on things he wanted to pursue and how it changed […]

The Most Important Word… Ever. | #edtech #entrepreneur

The most important word…. HUSTLE IS…THE MOST IMPORTANT WORDThe Most Important Word Ever…The #movie Whatya think? Posted by Gary Vaynerchuk on Monday, December 22, 2014 I’m hoping – no PRAYING – that Gary is making a movie. I absolutely love this guy! Continue Reading

Do you have a plan? Not just a 5-year plan, or a life plan, but an actual strategy mapped out as to how your life would unfold? Do you have the tools and structures in place to support your own growth, and your own success? Do you have a backup plan, in case things do not go as planned? And are you creating the life that you love, or letting someone else control it? If you wait for bureaucracies to care about you – the government, schools, universities, corporations – you will likely be disappointed. But when you choose to make your life, instead of take your life as it is handed to you – you can choose to be happy.


26 Effective Ways to use Twitter for Teachers and Educators #Infographic | #elearning #social

Every wondered how to use Twitter, as an educator? Thinking Twitter is just a waste of time? I used to think that, then I got involved in #edchats, and growing my #PLN (read on!). Twitter, by far, is the best way I’ve found to collaborate with other excited educators, who are making the magic happen. […]

Do Teachers Need Business Cards?

I follow Gary Vaynerchuk on YouTube, and I listen to all of his podcasts/video shows. He has amazing business advice, and seems like a person I’d like to hang out with. As I was listening to his 99th show “#AskGaryVee Episode 99: Human Interaction, Being Selfish, & What Happened to Blogging,” and thinking and writing […]

Students and Teachers Need Remote Access to All Information, Data, and Software 100% of the Time

This infographic is a key representation of the challenges we face in the classroom of 2015. Students want (need!) access to information, data and software 24/7. So do teachers. One of my solutions was to write my own curriculum, have it published for my students, and then I created a custom solution for their digital […]

Encouraging Student Entrepreneurship | #edchat #entrepreneurship

You simply DO NOT have to wait until after you graduate to start your business! Laying the roots, beginning your research, and gathering your resources are just the beginnings of running a successful business. You may decide on a tech business, an actual product, a software piece, a process, or a service. You can never […]