Are These “Challenges” Killing Our Children?

Parent’s PLEASE be on the lookout for your children doing “challenges.” I wasn’t thinking of a challenge as something bad – like a fitness challenge or healthy eating challenge – but my son came to me last night, and asked me if he could have a blowtorch for his upcoming birthday. I asked him why in the world he wanted that? He said he watched a Youtube video AT SCHOOL of a guy heating a large knife until it glowed red, and then chopped in half things in his house. The video asked you to upload videos of things you chop apart.

Challenges have a long history – any of you remember doing scary challenges like with a Ouija Board or Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board? Here is a link to ten challenges that are just as CREEPY! Do you see your kid doing something creepy, or do they seem nervous or like something is on their mind? Have they been cutting their arms or other parts of their body, with scissors or razor blades? Have you read about the two 12-year old girls who tried to murder their friend after receiving instructions from “The Slender Man?”

THIS IS SCARY!!! If I hadn’t been paying attention, or searching through his Youtube account (not just our home one, but the school one) I would not have known what he was cooking up in his head. He’s a good little kid, and this seemed fun to him, but he could have burnt down our house.

Imagine what someone could be trying to coax your child to do??? These challenges are not a new idea, but they are making a huge surge due to social media! Talk with your kids about “challenges” they have heard about, or they have heard of other kids talking about, and really listen to your child. You may find out these challenges could result in damage, self-harm, or even suicide. Super scary!!!

Our community has been rocked with six high school student deaths in the current school year. It has been devastating, and parents are wondering why their kids would do such an awful thing as committing suicide. Unfortunately, as kids grow up in this new digital era with social media, they may become part of cliques or groups where they want to fit in. It’s the new age version of joining the mean girls, or a group of bullies, or even a gang – our kids just want to belong somewhere. And they pick a BAD place to belong. Garbage in – garbage out. Some parents in our community are wondering if their child was doing “The Blue Whale Challenge” which results in the kid killing themselves. Parents and Educators need to be aware of the signs that their kids may be doing these challenges, playing these games, and may get sucked into doing awful things.


Please share this with other parents and teachers. Look at your child’s arms. Look at what they are into. And be ready to take action if they are doing a challenge.

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