5 Google Shortcuts to Jump Start Your School Day

I am pretty much all Google, all the time. I use Google Email, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and most other products (except Sites, I still never liked Sites). There have been a few instances where I’ve learned shortcuts, to save time, improve my efficiency, and recover lost work. Instead of spending two to three hours a day messing with my email, I’m down to less than one! Have you tried these?

  1. Control X, C, V. – these are my most often used shortcuts. Highlight your text, press the Control button on your computer or Chromebook, and the X (cut), C (copy), and V (paste). I always feel so pained when I see someone trying to right click their mouse to feebly cut and paste.
  2. Control A – If you want to highlight a whole document or webpage, press Control and then A. I just used this yesterday, when I had a choppy Google Doc with extra spaces in it. I couldn’t easily remove those extra spaces in the Google Doc, so I copied the whole thing, stuck it in Word (I know…) and then easily found and removed all the two-spaces after periods.
  3. Control Z and Control Y – these two are lifesavers in Gmail! Ever typed a long reply, only to accidentally highlight part and delete it? You can get it back! Use Control Z to undo the last action. Decided you want to Redo something? Control Y is the redo shortcut.
  4. If you enable Keyboard Shortcuts in the settings section of your Gmail, there are about 60 shortcut keys you can use. They are super helpful if you are not using a mouse (like on a Chromebook or laptop). The easiest one I like it, from the home Gmail screen, hitting c – boom, a new compose email window pops up! Here’s a list.
  5. Finally, if you are kind of old school and like to have a desktop or toolbar icon for Gmail, you can create this shortcut using these directions. Nothing like having a Gmail icon to take you right there!

Are there other Google shortcuts you love? Hit me up in the comments below!

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