Tech Tuesday – Using GradeCam to Scan, Score, and Assess on the Fly

My district is into its second year of GradeCam. GradeCam, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is like the old-school scantrons we used to fill out in school, but with the added reporting and analysis features that help teachers formatively assess their students.

The following Google Slides presentation addresses the following topics:

  1. Item analysis
  2. TBT Reports
  3. GradeCam app for Immediate Feedback
  4. Standards Linkage or Learning Targets – don’t guess! KNOW!
  5. Demographic Data
  6. Teacher-view Grading v. Student-view Grading
  7. Sharing formative, summative, and SLO exams with your peers
  8. Import grades automatically into Sungard with the press of a button
  9. GradeCam on Pinterest
  10. Not quite online testing, but can lead to it
  11. 2 Questions or 20 – it takes the same amount of time to grade

We desperately needed GradeCam in our district, because (besides the updated Google Forms) we didn’t have a way to easily grade and analyze the questions we were asking of our students. Teachers were spending a huge amount of time grading assignments. The immediacy of GradeCam for feedback was monumental.

One of my favorite things about GradeCam is the item analysis. You can look at the data in a plethora of ways – by each questions, by the student, by the class, or by the team (in a TBT or PLC). Knowing which test items were easy for students to get, versus items that had distractors or lots of students missing one question, is helpful in adjusting the way you teach. GradeCam can also link all questions to standards, so you can see where your class has strengths or weaknesses.

If you use the Student View in GradeCam, students can scan their own bubble sheets, and get immediate feedback on what they missed. This is important for students – especially when some of their teachers may have taken three weeks to grade, in the past. Now, students know, immediately, what they got as a score.

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