Can Your Teacher Teams Answer These Reflective Questions?

As our district moves through the OIP (Ohio Improvement Process), we are on our second year of TBTs (Teacher-Based Teams). Last year our TBTs didn’t come together as well as we hoped, so this year, we have some new strategies.

One of those strategies to assist us in moving through the process is to ask our teams reflective questions. This makes sure we are focused on the PROCESS of improving, rather than just form-filling compliance. Nobody likes filling out stupid forms. Everyone wants to get better, and understand the improvement process.

Reflective Questions for TBTs to consider:

  1. Did the team identify a priority standard or group of standards for its focus?
  2. Do the unpacked learning targets and sub-targets match the rigor/text complexity of the standard?
  3. Are all parts of the standard represented in the sub-targets?
  4. Did the team create a rigorous post-assessment that aligned to the rigor of the standard/sub-targets? (developing quality assessments)
  5. Did the team implement a series of formative assessments that aligned to the rigor of the standard/sub-targets?
  6. Did the team identify students’ strengths and weaknesses and identify prioritized needs from the formative assessments?
  7. Do the instructional strategies and activities support differentiated instruction and align to the expected level of rigor?
  8. Does the implementation describe specifically what will be done and who will be doing it?
  9. Did the TBT reflect on student growth and continued students needs?
  10. Did the TBT analyze the overall effect of the implemented strategies towards students with disabilities and other targeted students?
  11. Did the TBT re-examine the post-assessment to determine if it was aligned to the performance level descriptors/rigor of the standard(s)?
  12. Did the team reflectively communicate to the BLT (Building Leadership Team)? Could a process observer look at the team’s communication and understand how the team has moved through the process?

I tried to provide some varied supports as links within the questions, if you are looking for more resources to help you through the process.

There will be much more to come about TBTs (or PLCs, PLNs, teacher-teams, whatever you call them) as we get better at the process. The most important thing is to use your time constructively, so it doesn’t become “We’re just here to fill in this form, and it’s a waste of time.” Make your time count, for the good of your students.


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