Creating a “Culture of Sharing” is Vital to School Improvement

It used to be that teachers had no idea what was going on in the classroom next to theirs.

Some teachers are great sharers. My very first teaching job, I had a wonderful co-teacher who shared everything with me. We had a common planning period, and he absolutely taught me everything I knew about how to teach, what to teach, and how to treat the kids. He also brought me breakfast tacos every day, so that was some great sharing!

Creating a Culture of Sharing (1)

As I moved through eight years in public education, sharing became more prevalent. We developed professional teaching communities, and we were constantly sharing, giving feedback, and watching each other teach. We had a wonderful, collaborative, sharing community.

And as I began blogging, I shared everything. I shared content, videos, tweets, posts, bookmarks, resources, and my thoughts. When I found something new, I could not wait to share it. As I earned my doctorate, I shared my research with academia.

I have always felt a moral imperative to share. I am being paid by tax dollars, and so I feel I should openly give back. Everything I create is fair game.

This is a great video about “Sharing: The Moral Imperative by Dean Shareski (2010)” 

I’m often frustrated by teachers who prefer to close their door, and teach in isolation. By administrators who hold the knowledge about choices made in education, and never share what they know. I openly share just about everything. But not everyone is like me.

Some people like to close doors. It makes them feel powerful.

Some people like to hoard knowledge. It makes them feel needed.

Some people are not collegial. They don’t take risks, they don’t get critiqued.

I am not that person. I share best practices, and my students benefit because of it. I benefit from feedback. I love clarification and collegiality.

I feel compelled to share, and to encourage others to share.  Give feedback, and improve. Every day.

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