Tiger Tech Tips #2 – Classroom, Cues, and Changing the Conversation

For my Techie Tigers, here are some other articles of interest from around the web:


50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom – “My best tip is to number your assignments. You will notice in the book that many of the screenshots demonstrate numbered assignments. When you create an assignment a folder is created automatically in your Google Drive with the same name. Numbering the assignments makes the assignment folder easy to locate and organizes the assignments in the order you assigned them. Number your lesson set assets with the same number. This maintains consistency, makes it easy to associate documents with a particular assignment, makes it a cinch to locate documents, and makes it easy to direct students to the right place in Google Classroom.”

4 Cues To Remember For First Days Of School – This article describes the wholly different experiences our students come to school carrying – from having a loving, supportive parent, to missing school because of jobs and growing up in poverty. It’s easy to think all students come from backgrounds like ours – pretty vanilla and middle class – but that can be far from their truth. Take cues from your students, and remember these four for back to school.

Changing the Conversation: Rethinking How We Talk About Students – If we just focus on math and language arts scores, what conversations are we missing, and how does this inform students’ beliefs about themselves?

Librarians Lead the Way in EdTech – Having technology and knowing how to effectively integrate it into the curriculum are two different things. A school can purchase the latest and greatest technology, but without someone on the receiving end knowing what to do with it, it becomes an expensive dust collector, much like microfilm. When considering a new educational technology initiative, such as purchasing Chromebooks, going BYOD, or choosing educational software, districts often consider many things, including cost, return on investment, effectiveness, and necessary professional development. But one thing they may not consider is their librarian.

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