#TigerTechTips 1 | Using #Canva for Postermaking

Welcome to the first edition of #TigerTechTips! I’ll be using this section of the blog to suggest pieces of technology I use for achieving success as a teacher, or with my students.


I had to start with a website I use daily – www.Canva.com.

Here, you can see all my creations : Amy B Hollingsworth on Canva. You can also see that I’ve gotten WAY better at this, over time. I use Canva to give my blog great graphics. Here are some of the articles I’ve written about my love of Canva:

I’ve also done the Canva Design School. Very helpful. But I still learned something new today – Postermaking!

In fact, the #TigerTechTip picture above is made as a poster. I used the professional picture of the tiger (no stealing people’s pictures, guys. Pay the dollar, it’s worth it), which was $1.00. The image of the laptop in the background was free, under “icons.” And then a banner (free) and added the type (I try to stick to Hammersmith One for all of my type on my website, for a consistent feel).

I also picked up this information, about “the rule of threes.” It’s helped my designs look so much better!

Presentation Zen also has a great list of ways to improve presentations. I think that teachers get really excited, and want to include lots of things in their slides. Presentation Zen suggests these ten tips, along with other great advice:

10 design rules to keep in mind
(1) Communicate — don’t decorate.
(2) Speak with one visual voice.
(3) Use two typeface families maximum. OK, maybe three.
(4) Pick colors on purpose.
(5) If you can do it with less, then do it.
(6) Negative space is magical — create it, don’t just fill it up!
(7) Treat the type as image, as though it’s just as important.
(8) Be universal; remember that it’s not about you.
(9) Be decisive. Do it on purpose — or don’t do it at all.
(10) Symmetry is the ultimate evil.

Finally, if you want to print your posters, these services will do it; Block Posters online, or Walgreens has pick up!

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