Getting to Know You REVEALED – My class is amazing!

Over my gigantic cup of coffee this Saturday morning, I needed to look at my homework survey in a more detailed fashion. I spent close to 5 hours statistically analyzing tests on Thursday, and so I needed to give the surveys a bit more attention. Let me say, it was an emotional experience for me. Let me tell you why….

Professors, by nature, are really critical. That’s how they became the experts in their fields. I work with a lot of professors and students. I am sometimes surrounded by complaining, which can be very taxing on my soul. To hear professors complaining about everything (their jobs, their research, their students, their co-workers), and then to have my students coming at me from the other directions (complaining about reading, writing, doing math, going to class, studying, doing homework) – it can be exhausting! I, by nature, am a pretty happy person. I like to encourage people, motivate, and share my love of science and teaching. And the answers you shared with me on the survey re-affirmed why I love teaching!

I’m going to share with you all of the answers to the survey. I didn’t edit or remove any of them. I left the original spelling and grammar. I want you to see the full range of answers. I did bold some items, which I’m going to talk about with you as the semester goes along.

Thank you all so much for the kind words! I am humbled and lifted up by the things you described. I felt the same way that many of you did about those slides provided by the book manufacturer.  They are boring text on a screen, and don’t really hold students’ attention. Even though it’s a lot of work, I’ve used to create beautiful slides that students want to look at. Every day, I’m Googling “beautiful nature photos” or “beautiful cells pictures” or “funny science jokes.” I have folder after folder of pictures to share with you. Because that is what students remember – what the picture looked like, how the picture made them feel, and how much effort the professor puts into their presentations. I strive to create an experience for you, and I’m glad you appreciate that.

I’m going to talk more about the survey in the next few weeks. I’ll be asking you more questions, because I care about your opinions and needs. I plan to write you a few short e-books about test anxiety, how to study, how to take better notes,  and how to memorize. Stay tuned!

And thank you to whomever said they liked my shoes. I LOVE SHOES! Not every scientist wears ugly, boring shoes. Teachers can rock stilettos too!

You are my marketing department. And you are the best!
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