Quit Telling Me to Get off My Phone. I have “Device Dependency”

Device Dependency is a Reality - for

Just because adults want kids to put away their mobile devices, doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the kids (or you!). Every parent and teacher who has kids of the cell phone age-limit (how old do kids have to be to get a phone? 10? 12?) knows that kids are often glued to their […]

Teachers, You Have No Credibility… Yet | #wordsofwisdom via @bioamyb

Teachers, You Have No Credibility... Yet

Dear teachers, The first day of school is rapidly approaching. You will meet a whole new group of students. You may be excited, a little scared, and ready to try something new. But I have to tell you. I hear so much about how students “don’t pay attention.” Fact: Attention is not yours to take […]

What are You Doing to Promote #Mobile Learning? | #mlearning #infographic #edtech


Mobile devices are everywhere. They are in the hands of students, teachers, administrators, and parents. They are the one almost universal way of communicating. I am constantly checking my phone for updates, communication, social media, and even for the time (who knew?). If I were going to focus on one thing in a school, it […]

How “Playing With Technology” Led Me to the Job of My Dreams | #edtech #tech

proficient in office

What an awesome TED Talk! The description is: “What happens when you’re looking for a job in the middle of a recession? Stop doing what people tell you to do. Charlie Hoehn talks about making up your own rules and how he started only working on things he wanted to pursue and how it changed […]


Teacher Personalities and The Myers-Brigg | via @bioamyb #teachers #edchat


I’ve often read about taking the Myers-Brigg Personality Type survey. I’ve heard it referenced when corporate executives discuss hiring and working on teams. It’s rarely spoken of when it comes to teachers, though. I was not surprised to find out I was an ISTJ. A “productive realist” nails me, to a T. And it also […]


Crowd-Sourcing My #Chromebook PD Using my Twitter #PLN |via @bioamyb #GAFE #edchat


I’m going to do a little experiment… I am brand new to my position, as the Technology Integration Specialist at Massillon Schools, in Massillon Ohio (I actually haven’t even started my contract yet, but I’m pumped to get started). Our district is doing 1:1 Chromebooks in grades 3 – 12. I am going to do […]

The Best #EdApps for Elementary & Secondary Students #Infographic | via @bioamyb

Best Ed Apps Infographic

The Best Apps for Elementary & Secondary School Students Infographic It’s almost impossible to keep children away from the computer or their Smartphone these days. We are fighting a losing battle if we try to stop them spending a lot of time on their phone but it is possible to encourage them to make better […]