Internet Safety Tips for Education

From a fellow teacher Vicki Davis, info to share with students and parents about how to conduct yourself on the internet.

Vicki says, “I am amazed at how many people shorten their Internet safety guidelines by saying “Stop, Block, and Tell.” As I’ve shared in both of my books, this is a grave disservice. When you block, it often deletes evidence of what happened. Students should: Stop, Screenshot, Block, Tell and Share. Some time a go, my sister helped me create a 5 Steps to Internet Safety Poster. You can download it for free.”

This is not just good for young students, but even for adults, who may forget that we have all the power when it comes to our experiences on the internet. When in doubt, take a screenshot. I have my Dropbox set up to save every screenshot I’ve ever taken, automatically. This helps me show others what I’m seeing, from my own screen.

5 Steps to Internet Safety

Is Your College is Targeting You for a “Consumption Lifestyle?”

The new “freshman 15” is not pounds. It’s in dollars spent, per meal, on a school meal plan. Colleges plan for students to leave money on the table. Today, a student at the university where I work at can choose their Starbucks beverage exactly how they like it, served alongside an addictive, carb-heavy muffin or cake pop – all on their school meal card. Students can choose name brand pretzels and a sugar-filled drink, foot longs subs at at a high priced sub shop, or a gourmet crepe at the natural food market. They can even pick up a 20 oz soda and chips as their meal – all paid for with their meal plan. A meal plan they may be paying for, for the next 20 years. Gone are the days of six-for-a-dollar ramen noodles and cooking grilled-cheese on an iron (a loaf of bread being less than a dollar and American cheese slices being pennies), in a dorm room.

The New Freshman Fifteen $$$

Colleges and universities are very different now, than when I went away to school in 1995. I spent many hours in the dormitory cafeteria at The University of Mount Union, a small, private, Liberal Arts College in Alliance, Ohio. I lived on campus, and every day I went through the buffet line in the cafeteria, and picked out some chicken, a cheeseburger, mashed potatoes, or beans. Yes, I packed on the freshman 15 (pounds). And then another 15 my sophomore year. The cafeteria’s food offerings were “for the masses.” They made cheap, easy food and served it up fast. Schools fed their students in a way so the students were happy, but not enthralled. The meals were never the selling point of the school – the education and atmosphere came first.

Students today are purposefully targeted by their college to “live the high life.” They are “captive consumers.” Schools profit by making sure every student want and need is immediately provided to them with the swipe of their ID card. Students want their coffee fast, their information via smartphone immediately, and their professor to answer their email on demand. The student recreation center has the latest machines, the highest rock wall, and the hottest yoga classes, all paid for with your tuition, whether you use them or not. After their workout, students return to their pre-furnished apartment-style dorm room, complete with leather couches and flat screen TVs. Gone are the days of futons and cramming into your friend’s dorm room to watch the game on the only TV on the floor.

Jibbers Crabst and the Magic of Interpreting

This is one of the funniest science/religion videos I have ever seen. And now I want to travel with an interpreter. EVERYWHERE

Published on Dec 5, 2014

Keynote speaker Matt Inman introduces us to a new deity, enlightening the the San Francisco audience in the process, in the first ever BAHFest West keynote at the historic Castro Theatre

BAHFest is the Festival of Bad Ad Hoc Hypotheses, a celebration of well-researched, logically explained, and clearly wrong evolutionary theory. Additional information is available at

BAHFest West was a part of the 2014 Bay Area Science Festival


Tips for Techie Teachers

Sometimes it’s nice to peer into another person’s tips and tools that they use to get stuff done. I’m going to share a few of my favorite tools that I use to hack my life.

1. – every once in a great while, I have to fax something to someone, which stinks because I don’t have ready access to a fax machine. I’m used to emailing everything, but some people in the world just want a fax. My health care flexible spending service provider is one of those businesses that want faxes. The only fax machine I can think of is at the library, and I think you have to pay for it. Enter Faxzero. You can send a free three-page fax to anyone’s fax address, online. You can send up to five free faxes a day. Or, if you need to send a bigger fax, up to 25-pages, it’s $1.99 from you PayPal account. It’s super easy, and I’ve used it probably a dozen times. They even send a confirmation email to your email account, saying the fax went through. Easy-peasy.

Screenshot 2014-12-10 14.06.54

2. – ever have to fill in an online form, so you print it out, fill it in, scan it, then email it? No more printing. Enter PDFescape, where you can edit, fill out, and create PDFs, all online, and for free. You can type in the forms, so no more messy handwriting. You can even upload a picture of your signature, to sign and date the forms. Then, save it to your downloads, and send that PDF where it needs to go. PDFEscape is a tool I probably use once a week. I often have to go get forms for my university from their website, and now I can fill them out from any computer. It’s a brilliant tool I wish I had known about earlier!

Screenshot 2014-12-10 14.05.45

3. – I use Google Chrome, and every single one of those tabs I have open is eating up my memory. I may not want to close the tab, because I want to remember what is on the site, or I want to look at it later. Here comes Onetab, which runs as an extension for Chrome or Firefox, and condenses my tabs down to one tab. Basically, your tabs are converted into a list. You can also email this list of tabs, refer back to the tab, re-order them, and you can pin tabs to a list so you basically have a launch pad for your web browsing. It will also save sessions from multiple days. Now you can streamline your tabs. For free! Here’s a screenshot of mine:

Screenshot 2014-12-10 13.55.45

4. Extensity – This is another free Chrome App. Tired of having too many extensions in your toolbar? Try Extensity, the ultimate tool for lightning fast enabling and disabling all your extensions for Google Chrome. Just enable the extension when you want to use it, and disable when you want to get rid of it for a little while. You can also launch Chrome Apps right from the list. I was having problems with my Chrome browser eating up all my memory. There were extensions that I liked to use every once in a while, but not every day. So I installed Extensity, and now I don’t have to go to my Chrome settings to enable and disable. You can see Extensity at work on the right side of my screen, in this screenshot:

Screenshot 2014-12-10 14.00.44

Finally, today I’ll show you

5. WiseStamp – This is a Gmail extension that inserts a signature at the end of all of your emails that you can tailor to be eye-catching and helpful. I put in all my contact info, my social media connections, and my website. Then, people I email can also see ME – my beautiful face at the end of my emails. I think it helps in “branding” my materials to look more professional. It’s free, and there is a paid professional version. Here’s is what my email signature looks like:

Screenshot 2014-12-10 14.05.06

Hope these tips help to make your technology work better for you!



New research suggests the amount of education a woman has along with having children later in life are key predictor’s of a child’s success in adulthood.

Sandra Tang, Ph.D, a University of Michigan psychology research fellow and the study’s lead author, said that for this investigation, having children later in life meant after high school, or older than 18.

She discovered children of mothers 19 and older usually enter kindergarten with higher levels of achievement. These kids continue to excel in math and reading at higher levels through eighth grade when compared to children of mothers 18 and younger.

Read More:

What can we do to support mothers who want to further their education?

Final Class

Here is the video from Tuesday, December 2nd. On Thursday, we are going to do one more set of notes to hand in, and I’ll open the Chapter 16 homework


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In studying for your final – here are some resources:



Over the last week, I’ve seen some amazing group presentations. But I have also heard stories like indicated in the meme.

What advice would you give to a professor as they help students work through group presentations?