The Google Big List #GAFE #edtech

Google Resources

Eric Curts, of the Summit Portage Area Computer Consortium (SPARCC)  recently shared his “big list” of Google Resources. Eric is a Google Certified Trainer and Innovator, which is amazing (I’m a Google Certified Educator) and so he definitely “lives Google.” Here is his set of resources, with a forward: Over time I have created quite […]

Tips, Tools, & Best Practices for #EdTech Trainers & Coaches


The Technology Integration Leaders of Ohio (TILO) put on our first Google on Air Hangout last night. We are a group of technology leaders in education who are looking to help school districts improve in their technology use. Part of our mission is to professionally develop the tech integration specialists and coaches in Ohio. It […]

26 Impulses that Sustain Student Engagement #Infographic


When are your students most engaged with your lesson? What is your hook? What’s amazing, interesting, or engaging about you as a teacher? Read through these 26 impulses that sustain engagement, and think about what it takes to really pull your students into your lesson. How can you make your lesson fascinating? What does real […]

Sharing Out From the #OSBA2015 Capital Conference – Developing a Culture of Leadership 2015 wp content uploads sites 13 2014 11 9am110915D230Dublin.pdf

Dublin City Schools were well represented at the OSBA (Ohio School Boards Association) Capital Conference this year. Many sessions were put on by the leaders of this district. In one session, the district leadership team shared their vision for the district, and the plan to get them there. The description for the session was, “Promoting […]

Can you afford not to invest in your teachers? #Infographic #PLN


This is such an interesting infographic for me, because I can’t imagine not investing in professional development. Though I certainly can’t imagine spending 10% of the budget and time in PD, I also can’t imagine spending only 0.5%. From my own standpoint, I’ve always invested in myself, probably more than 10% of my budget a […]

Sharing Out From the #OSBA2015 Capital Conference – “13 Tips for Better Board Culture”


Part of attending a conference (in my mind) should be in the sharing out of the great information received during the conference. What good does it do your district to send staff away for PD, if it isn’t shared back in the district? So for the sake of good practice – here’s what I learned! […]

Cornell Notes Student Writing Prompt Facilitation (for Chromebooks)

Englisd c-note example 2

When I learned to take Cornell Notes, it was a game changer for my education. This one small tool changed the entire way I would write notes. My notes were easier to study, were much more organized, and were easier to recall. I have somewhat of a photographic memory – I remember the way the […]

What if I don’t have to show up, and be miserable every day?


I was part of a very serious workshop on special education law, bullying, and lawsuits. It was some pretty serious stuff. The paperwork a district has to create to show all the proactive problem-solving techniques they go through is extensive. It could literally suck your entire day. Investigations, rumors, and pettiness could eat up your […]

How to Teach Students to Find and Cite Evidence


  Part of our Cross-Curricular Teacher-Based Teams’ (TBT) focus this school year is “Writing For Informational Text.” The goal for this writing is to have students show focus in their writing, and another part is citing evidence. Citing evidence is difficult for students (and probably some adults!), so here are six ways to teach students to cite evidence […]