“Crossing the Streams” in Personal and Organizational Gmail #edtech


Many of the teachers and AO staff have approached me because they have weird things happening with their personal Gmail account, and their Massillon account. A “crossing of the streams,” as I like to think of it. This means, if you are finding your school documents in your personal account, or your personal bookmarks don’t […]

#AmyGooglesEverything Episode 1: Some Ideas to Use Google in Your Classroom NOW! #edtech #edchat

#AmyGooglesEverything (1)

This is the (hour long) video I made after Dr. McNulty’s talk with Massillon today. There was a lot of valuable feedback on the survey, so I wanted to get some info out to the teachers about the topics they wanted addressed. Some of this is basic Google, and some is more advanced Google Classroom […]

Tiger Tech Tips #2 – Classroom, Cues, and Changing the Conversation


For my Techie Tigers, here are some other articles of interest from around the web: 50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom – “My best tip is to number your assignments. You will notice in the book that many of the screenshots demonstrate numbered assignments. When you create an assignment a folder is created […]

Start Your School Year With the End in Mind – Your Own, and Your Students #motivational #edchat #teaching

Who is writing your story-

I recently learned about how movie directors make great movies. They have these storyboards, like little index cards, that they write each part of the movie on. On those cards are actors (the good guys, the bad guys, and then rest of the cast), the plot, the twists and turns, the conflicts and the victories, […]

Back to School With #GAFE (Google Apps for Education)

Going back to school with Google is awesome! I’m so excited to share my Google knowledge (Googlebilities? Googledge? Googlization?) with teachers and admin in my new school district. I’m going to embed some presentations, documents, and activities into this post. Happy Googling! (Joining my presentation today? It’s here at http://bioamy.me/GAFEMASS) 79 Interesting Ways to Use […]

How Would You Handle Teacher Social Media Insubordination? | #edchat


What should an administrator do when they come across a personally or school-related critical Facebook or Twitter post from a teacher? A brilliant observation by Curriculum Supervisor Ross Cooper in his article Insubordination by Social Media details how an administrator can “fix” the problem of finding the offensive post, and reacting to it: “A better option to reactively […]

Quit Telling Me to Get off My Phone. I have “Device Dependency”

Device Dependency is a Reality - for

Just because adults want kids to put away their mobile devices, doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the kids (or you!). Every parent and teacher who has kids of the cell phone age-limit (how old do kids have to be to get a phone? 10? 12?) knows that kids are often glued to their […]

Teachers, You Have No Credibility… Yet | #wordsofwisdom via @bioamyb

Teachers, You Have No Credibility... Yet

Dear teachers, The first day of school is rapidly approaching. You will meet a whole new group of students. You may be excited, a little scared, and ready to try something new. But I have to tell you. I hear so much about how students “don’t pay attention.” Fact: Attention is not yours to take […]

What are You Doing to Promote #Mobile Learning? | #mlearning #infographic #edtech


Mobile devices are everywhere. They are in the hands of students, teachers, administrators, and parents. They are the one almost universal way of communicating. I am constantly checking my phone for updates, communication, social media, and even for the time (who knew?). If I were going to focus on one thing in a school, it […]