7 Google Chrome Extensions to Improve A Teacher’s Busy Day


I love trying out new Google Chrome Extensions (sometimes referred to as apps, addons, or tools). I have a long list of extensions I’ve tried, and many make the short list of the ones I keep. Several I keep, but “turn off” because they eat memory, but I want to use them later. Here are […]

Why is Innovating for Our Students Essential? #edchat

Generation Z and the Future of Technology

The SlideShare Blog had a thought-provoking piece on “Innovating for Generation Z.” As a teacher, I realize that these are my students, the first truly, completely digital generation: Innovating is all about creating the trends of the future. That often means catering to the next generation. This deck by design expert Pamela Pavliscak covers Generation […]

The Exciting Way That #Weebly Upped Their Game for Teachers! | #edtech

weebly for education

One of the most common issues I run into with teacher websites is that the teachers don’t want to put their stuff “out in the open.” They don’t want anyone (weirdos on the internet – and there are plenty) to be able to see their material for their students, comment about students, or view student […]

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EdTech Community Discussion of iBooks Author from #ADEchat

adechat hashtag on Twitter

I’ve been absolutely fixated on Twitter these last couple of weeks (I wrote “26 Effective Ways to use Twitter for Teachers and Educators,” “How to Participate in an Educational Twitter Chat?” and “Is Social Learning the New #PBL (Problem-Based Learning)?” among many others). I feel like I  found a gold mine of amazing resources, people, […]

26 Effective Ways to use Twitter for Teachers and Educators #Infographic | #elearning #social

Teacher Twitter Tips

Every wondered how to use Twitter, as an educator? Thinking Twitter is just a waste of time? I used to think that, then I got involved in #edchats, and growing my #PLN (read on!). Twitter, by far, is the best way I’ve found to collaborate with other excited educators, who are making the magic happen. […]

Creating a Table of Contents in #Evernote

Evernote Knowledge Base   Evernote

If you haven’t tried this yet, you are missing out on the AMAZING capabilities of Evernote. To create a Table of Contents: Select multiple notes while holding down Cmd+click (or CTRL if you’re on a PC). Select Create Table of Contents Note. This creates a list of individual links for each of the selected notes. […]

Parent/Teacher Conferences in the Digital Age


I read a brilliant article today from “Brilliant or Insane: 6 Ways to Flip your parent/teacher conferences.” Angela asks the questions, “What if there were a more meaningful way to meet? What if all parents didn’t need to attend a meeting?” The article is a great read. You should check it out. Here’s my response: I […]